Household photovoltaic solar panels are a new type of power generation device built on the roof of users. Photovoltaic solar panels convert solar energy into electrical energy, convert direct current into alternating current through inverters, and meter boxes measure the electricity generated from power generation. The electricity can be consumed by households themselves or recovered by the State Grid after measurement, at various electricity prices to obtain certain profits.


· Higher power output

· Better temperature coefficient

· Smaller occlusion loss

· Higher power generation capacity

· Stronger mechanical performance

· Longer quality assurance


Roof: ventilation, aesthetics, roof protection, and extended building life.

Courtyard: sunshade, ventilation, insulation, rain protection, leisure and cooling.

Parking shed: shading, insulation, and rain protection, saving construction costs.

Truss shed: sunshade, heat insulation, and rain protection. The large-span steel

truss structure has high safety and saves construction costs.